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TheOneDB is the next-generation scheduling enhancement to the MBSportsWeb association website platform. The goals of TheOneDB are as follows:

  1. reduce the total scheduling and score reporting effort in a given league by as much as 66%
  2. facilitate auto-replication and synchronization of schedules between the association website(s) and the league website

Any league with 40% or more of their associations using MBSportsWeb should be setup on TheOneDB for their upcoming season

What's "The Problem" Without TheOneDB?

TheOneDB exists because we've recognized an issue that exists when a large percentage of associations within the same league have websites powered by MBSportsWeb. Consider the following scenario:

  • Two MBSportsWeb associations play each other. That game will exist in at least three different locations:
    • In the home team’s MBSportsWeb website
    • In the away team’s MBSportsWeb website
    • In the league’s website or league’s scheduling website
    • And possibly in one or more game officials’ websites
  • The scheduling management of that game is usually done by at least two, and quite often three or more different people.
  • The score reporting of that game is also typically done by at least two different people.

Having separate websites (databases), and different people managing them, leads to delays in communication, and possibly mistakes.

How Does TheOneDB "Solve" This?

TheOneDB is a completely separate website designed to be used for centralized league-wide schedule and score reporting. However, because it's built by the same people who created MBSportsWeb, it can directly communicate with the association websites. It is aware of associations in a league which are using MBSportsWeb and can automatically add, updated, or delete information on those sites.

Using the same scenario as above, when two MBSportsWeb associations play each other:

  • The home scheduler creates the game in TheOneDB
  • TheOneDB automatically creates that game in both association websites and links it
  • If the schedule changes, the home scheduler does so in their own site just like they would normally
  • TheOneDB is automatically updated by that change, which also automatically updates the other association’s site
  • All notifications built into each association website are triggered as they would be normally
  • When the game is played, the home team manager records their score in their own site as they would normally do on an MBSportsWeb site (either via the web or mobile device)
  • TheOneDB is automatically updated by the score being reported, which also updates the other association site
  • League standings are calculated and displayed on TheOneDB, and links to those standings are auto-generated on each team’s site

What About Non-MBSportsWeb Associations

We don't want leagues to force associations to use MBSportsWeb for their association website if they don't want to do so. The model has been designed to work for any league, even if not all the associations are fully integrated. It just happens to work that much better if they are.

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