Under 13 Rep B
Upper Canada Minor :: Under 13 Rep B Venues
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Venue List
  • Alexandria Arena Alexandria Arena

    170 MacDonald Boulevard, Alexandria, ON

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  • Benson Centre Benson

    800 Seventh St. W, Cornwall, ON

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  • Brockville Centennial Youth Arena Centennial

    138 Broadway Ave, Brockville, ON

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  • Brockville Memorial Civic Centre Memorial

    100 Magedoma Blvd, Brockville, ON

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  • Cardinal Cardinal

    4050 Dishaw St, Cardinal, ON

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  • Centre 76 Arena 76

    35 Henry Street, Athens, ON

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  • Charlan Recreation Centre Rec Centre

    County Road 17, Williamstown, ON

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  • Chesterville and District Arena Chesterville Arena

    153 Queen St., Chesterville, ON

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  • Cornwall Civic Complex Civic

    100 Water St. E, Cornwall, ON

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  • Joel Steele Community Arena Joel Steele

    577 Main St. W., Winchester, ON

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  • Kemptville District Community Centre Kemptville DCC

    285 County Road 44, Kemptville, ON

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  • Long Sault Arena Long Sault

    60 Millie Roches Road, Long Sault, ON

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  • Maxville & District Sports Complex Maxville DSC

    25 Fair St, Maxville, ON

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  • Morrisburg Arena Morrisburg

    28 Ottawa St., Morrisburg, ON

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  • Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre Memorial

    71 Cornelia St. W, Smiths Falls, ON

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  • Spencerville Arena Spencerville

    22 Sloan St., Spencerville, ON

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  • Westport Community Arena Community Arena

    37 Spring St., Westport, ON

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